“Bring your kid to work day” is now everyday. – Elliot Stewart

19 year old Elliot Stewart from Newcastle won Triple J’s RAW NSW final comedy competition last year and now comedy has stopped. So, we asked him to write an article for us about things he is an expert at: adults with jobs and kids.

Parents forced to work from home struggle as every day becomes “Bring your kid to work day” – Elliot Stewart

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly, the government has advised Australian’s to stay home whenever possible. Businesses who for years, said working from home was impossible, have suddenly determined it has been possible the entire time.
A dream for some, however many parents who use the office as an escape from their kids have voiced their frustrations.
“My kids are driving me insane” said one woman, “they’re animals, I just want to take a conference call without my child humping my leg”.
“I want to send them to grandmas but that’s out of the picture, she was the one who was dying for me to have grand kids, now she’s saying she’ll die if she looks after them”.
A rise in domestic violence cases have also been recorded. Police initially believing it was due to victims being trapped with their abusers, were shocked to find the rise was due to one too many episodes of Peppa Pig pushing parents over the edge.
In other news, Anti-Vaccers around the country have announced they hope a vaccine is found soon, as Autism is reportedly “looking a lot better than another second with this kid”, however some families are turning towards being anti vaccines, siting “I hate kids and old people”.

There you have it guys.

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