Reformed comedian turned reluctant prophet for the end times – NICK SUN

If you haven’t seen Nick do stand up, that’s a shame because he quit to impact the world in a more meaningful way. He’s won Triple J’s RAW competition & the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Director’s Choice Award. In Australian comedy he remains many comedian’s favourite comedian. Despite his career change, he’s still producing hilarious stuff: Read his blog posts on his MEDIUM page, they’re amazing and check out his Youtube page.

Nick lives in a tin shed up in Darwin talking to his plant spirits. So, we decided to check in with Nick and see what gossip he’s heard on the grapevine from the upside down world.

Who are you?

I’m Nick Sun, reformed comedian turned reluctant prophet for the end times.

What’s your current occupation?

I have a few jobs at the moment, prophet, seer, messiah, plant slave, content creator. Unfortunately none of them pay me much.

Nick Sun, 6 years ago before the reformation.

Where is your quarantine location?

Darwin, Northern Australia.

Is Darwin in lockdown? What does that look like?

It looks like it did when it wasn’t in lockdown, just less toilet paper and rice on the supermarket shelves. It’s probably the most chilled out place to deal with this situation.

How has the virus affected your routine?

None, other than I have a lot less guilt now about it. In fact it seems like the past three years spent in near isolation, eating strange plants and working with various healing modalities and methods of consciousness alteration have prepared me well for this current situation.

Nick dishing out good advice from his tin shed in Darwin.

What are you going to be doing more of over the next few weeks?


What do you think the virus has revealed about humanity?

That a third of us are good people, a third of us are selfish assholes and a third of us are a mix of the two. It also revealed that what we thought was a solid and dependable system was flimsy as all shit. Our world was a house made of cards and all the security and stability we had invested in it was undone in less than a month by a microscopic viral particle. Hahaha!

Have you had any weird run ins with people since this all started?

Not really, most people in Darwin are a bit weird though anyway, so every run in is going to be a bit strange. I met a guy a few months ago up here who couldn’t read.

You chat to spirits as much as the next guy, have they been vocal about coronavirus?

I have been warned in several plant medicine journeys with Ayahuasca, Acacia and Iboga that the shit was going to go down and we better get ready. They didn’t tell me about the virus specifically, it was more to do with climate collapse, but they told me various messages like get out of the city, move to regional areas, learn basic survivalist skills, don’t rely on the state, heal your personal, and that it was our generations role to clear as much of our ancestral and collective trauma as we could and come up with a better storyline or way of being that was mutually beneficial to everyone and everything involved.

I’m going to be speaking to the Acacia plant spirit to find out what exactly is going on right now, but I honestly think that corona is more of a warning shot than anything and there is more to come if we don’t drastically change our ways. Hahaha!

Nick post reformation.

External life is pure chaos right now. Would you have some advice for people wanting a semblance of inner solace?

Stay in the body. Do Qi gong, yoga or some kind of moving meditation. Fear is often the product of the mind. Get out of the mind by getting into the body. learn to control it through meditation and mindfulness. Anxiety is trapped energy, you need to find a way to release it through creative means eg singing, making music, dancing, writing etc…

Know when to stop reading stuff about Corona. Know the facts and the precautions but avoid those news stories that are all catastrophic speculation, it hasn’t happened yet and even if it does, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  The more you stress, the lower your immune system is. Learn to laugh about it.



What do you think all the comedians who can’t perform anymore should be doing with their time to help themselves and others?

Stop thinking about yourself so much, it’s not healthy. Look into doing inner work and try and do some serious healing while you have down time. Look inside yourself, see what is driving you to do standup comedy and ask yourself, is it worth it? Is this really who I am? This retard stage character onstage? What is actually lacking in life that is making me do comedy to compensate for this void? Hahaha!

What is your prediction for how this all plays out?

I’m going to be chatting to a plant spirit soon to get the full download so keep an eye on my youtube channel, but I had a dream last night that showed me that my plans for November will still be happening so my guess is one more month of lockdowns and then another 3 months to get back to kinda normal at least here in Australia (but it will never quite be normal again let’s face it). Following that it’s anyone’s guess, but like I said, I don’t think this is quite the end of these kinds of scenarios. There will probably be more to follow.  Hahaha!

Does this feel like a conspiracy on any level?

I don’t know. You just can’t tell. For all the totalitarian conspiracies I have heard though, it’s totally fucked the global economy so I feel like that doesn’t really quite make sense because those guys all just want more money and power. There are a million conspiracy theories at the moment and who’s to say if any of them are right. You just don’t know and I think that’s okay to not know and we have to be comfortable with that in this day and age and think about what we can do as an individual instead of wasting time down paranoid internet wormholes that in the end just take up our precious life span that could be spent doing constructive action.

My take though is that this is Mother Earth saying, ‘Stop it you stupid monkeys, just take a break from shitting all over me!’ and trying to re-right what was previously a highly unbalanced system. This Pandemic was created by the overzealous use of antibiotics and they have been predicting a pandemic for ages. Viruses have a place in the ecosystem in that they will take out a species or at least seriously mess with them if things are getting out of balance. Pretty much all of the recent pandemics were caused by a disturbance to the natural environment, people going places where they weren’t supposed to go and doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing. We have already had fires and floods here in Australia so now I’m just waiting for the pestilence and I can’t help but feel that this won’t be the last pandemic. Hahaha!

Will there be a global power shift?

Oh gees, it’s hard to say… I think this is going to fuck America a bit, yeah! I think China is coming into its ascendancy and that scares the crap out of me to be honest. Hahaha!

How does the virus affect minority groups differently in western nations?

I think certain minority groups might have stronger immunity from growing up in places with less uptight hygiene standards. 

Have you seen anything positive come from the virus?

It’s probably the only thing that’s cut down carbon emissions and slowed down climate collapse. There are many positives for the environment and for nature. I think it’s also made people stop with this crazy matrix system and think ‘maybe the way I live and the system I live in, based on constant ‘progress’ and consumption is actually kinda fucked and it’s not making me happy.’ 

Made us think about what exactly is necessary. Many of us are also getting a rest from the retrace. It could be a very fruitful time for looking inside of ourselves and dealing with our personal shit, as well as thinking about why we are so fucked up as a species.  Everyone’s a bit of a softcock these days so it might be a call to harden up a bit too. Hahaha!

I put a little ‘Hahaha’ at the end of answers that weren’t very funny.

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