Comedians’ favourite podcasts – Part 1

You’re stuck at home with no human interaction so what a perfect opportunity to chew away the time with some prerecorded voices. Podcasts! You can pretend you have a friend. We asked a bunch of comedians from all over the shop what podcasts they like to listen to.

The link on the left goes to a Youtube channel for the podcast. (also available on Spotify and Podcast app.) The link on the right takes you to the Facebook page of the comedian who recommended it if you want to complain.

Flagrant 2 with Andrew SchulzGavin Sempel (Melbourne)

Church of what’s happening now… Joey DiazUmar Azard (Perth)

Tuesdays with stories! with Mark Normand and Joe List Billy D’Arcy (Sydney)

Joe Rogan ExperienceRory Lowe (Perth), Elliot Stewart (Newcastle) & Isaac Butterfield (Newcastle)

It’s Hardcore HistoriesLeo Kearse (UK) & George Dimarelos (Melbourne)

Cum TownJames Connors (Newcastle)

The Brilliant IdiotsLuke Dillon (Newcastle)

Comedy Bang BangLiam Callen (Newcastle)

The Worst idea of All TimeNat Damena (Sydney)

99 percent invisibleWill Mckellar (Newcastle)

Something to Wrestle withDarius Davies (UK)

The Comedians comedian podcastElly Shaw (UK)

The Jump (NBA podcast)Kyle Legacy (UK)