Dane Baptiste on lock down

Dane Baptiste is a hilariously masterful UK comic unafraid to tackle issues most shy away from. We decided to check in with him and see how he’s holding up in London during Coronavirus quarantine.

What is your current location and quarantine crew?

South London with my housemate. But, he’s not a normal housemate… I actually speak to him.

What’s the funniest thing about isolation?

Watching people being forced to confront the basis of all their personal relationships. Luckily, I have these questions to keep me busy.

Describe your ideal quarantine partner.

One that has the cure to the Coronavirus at this point, is my main criteria.

How has the virus affected you?

It’s forced me to become the very thing I hate. Administrative. Opening emails and letters and stuff. Other than that, at time of writing I’m physically okay, but not being able to perform live comedy is not the best.

What do you think the virus has revealed about society?

That however important we think society is compared to mother nature, it just takes a flick of her wrist and we are back in our caves.

What is your prediction for how this all plays out?

I couldn’t tell you at this stage, I predict that as long as it continues to affect rich people; a solution that includes maintenance of said power will be found really quickly. Also if you have stock in insurance I would expect a massive windfall.

Does this feel like a conspiracy on any level?

Doesn’t it always? I mean, I think any organisation that doesn’t tell the people it’s in charge of the truth, it’s conspiracy.

What do you think will happen to comedy?

I think that the opportunity to be out of your home and enjoy the arts is going to bode very well for the live performer. Just gotta hold strong!

Will there be a power shift?

Most definitely. But, I fear it may be in the same direction. Watch this space… Laugh Mob is taking over.

Please tell us about your recent supermarket visit.

It was a combination of hunting, gathering and dodging like a wide receiver. I got some milk though.

How does the virus affect minority groups in western nations?

In some ways the virus affects minority groups in the same way as it does the rich and ruling majority. The main difference is that mainstream media doesn’t give fudge with a sugar honey iced tea.

Have you seen anything positive come from the virus?

I think people have realised that in a world where you’re spoiled for materialism and consumption, there are still things that money can’t buy. People are also being forced to observe how important physical contact is.

Please feel free to elaborate on any subject that relates to this.

I would advise everyone to start thinking about the importance of health care and medicine and how we treat the people that work within these professions. Because you may notice finance and media aren’t of much use right now like that. Also wash your F*CKING HANDS. ALWAYS AND FOREVER PLEASE.

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