Comedians’ favourite stand up clips – Part 2

Since you can’t go see stand up right now, we asked some comedians from the UK, Australia & NYC for their favourite stand up clips of other comedians. I asked each comic to give 2-4 clips and if they wanted, a little explanation of why they like the clip so much.

Aussie comic Ro Campbell has performed in over 40 countries and has even managed to snag Scottish comedian of the year without even being Scottish.

These are his favourites clips:

“Steve Hughes because it’s rare to see such subversive material on such a big mainstream television show and he nailed it.”

“Tom Stade because he’s just one of the best club comics on the UK circuit and I’ve opened for him over 70 times so I’ve seen the magic he’s capable of live that YouTube clips don’t really capture. “

“Carey Marx because he should be massive. He’s so original, so prolific. Every comedian in Britain loves watching him. He has very few clips online but this one is good.”

Katharyn Henson is a hilarious New York City comedian who started touring internationally last year. Check her out at:

Let’s see who likes:

“Geoffrey Asmus – Dark, rude, and brilliant.”

“2:32-5:10 on Adderall and Xanax. As an abuser of both: accurate.”

“This bit makes me laugh every time I see it.”

“Erika Ehler. I love everything she does. She is actually at the top of my list tbh.”

Victor Pãtrãşcan is a brilliant comic living in the UK. Check him out at:

These are his favourites:

Stephanie Broadbridge is super funny regular on the Sydney comedy scene, performing both stand up and musical comedy.

“My favourite stand up bits are the ones that take a new idea that’s relatable that has been worked up on stage (as opposed to scripted) and every single laugh opportunity has been squeezed into it.”

“‘Michael Mcintyre’s ‘Man Draw’ was one of the first stand up bits that made me laugh out loud by myself in my room. Its beautifully executed and I don’t care if anyone thinks it hack, I it’s a brilliant observation that has been drawn out as far as it can go and it still makes me laugh over and over again.”

“I was pretty new to stand up comedy when I first heard Cameron perform the ‘sock bit’ and I had to hear it about 10 times before I realised the entire thing wasn’t improvised. He uses so many different techniques to generate laughs. It could never be ripped off because it’s so uniquely Duggan. He’s so naturally funny, he makes me want to quit comedy.”

“She has short punchy jokes so I picked her Conan set. I love that it’s clean and still edgy and I particularly love the Smart phone observation and the twist on it. So great. All of her stuff I just think ‘fuck I wish I thought of that’. But I didn’t she did.”

So, there you have it folks. A bunch of comedians and their favourite comedians to check out. What are your all time favourite stand up clips?