Check out these morons

We’re plagued with morons. It might be the end of the world but apparently its also the end of all logic as we know it. The virus has already revealed some interesting parts of the human psyche  and who knows what else is in store. That being said If it really is the apocalypse then I really hope it takes these people first. These are some of the dumbest people to be interviewed about Covid.

To his credit Bradley did come out a few days later apologising. I guess all hope for humanity isn’t lost.

Our chief and resident idiot actually thinks the virus is Chinese! And as such can only be transmitted if you suffer with this ethnicity. Even if you were American born!

When it’s all said and done you can always rely on Uncles & Aunties to give you solid advice.

Memphis gives us some quarantine fashion and advice.

This man has the most on point interview game I’ve ever seen.